This month in addition to my wonderful brand new electric skillet , I had the chance to review the Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu Blender from Sears Outlet.

Product Features:

  • 800-watt blender with WaveAction system for smooth results
  • 5 speeds, plus pulse; illuminated touch-pad control panel
  • Heavy-duty, transparent, acrylic base with soft-glow blue LED light
  • Stainless-steel blades; 48-ounce dishwasher-safe glass jar
  • Measures approximately 8 by 10 by 13 inches; 3-year limited warranty

The first thought that struck me when I saw my new blender was ” it’s so modern looking!” The blender is definitely the one that you pull out on margarita night or when entertaining friends.  While as you see in the video I was alittle perturbed that the speed was missing to tell you what each button is for, I still love the high tech gadget look of this glass bottomed gadget. The blu light creates a sophisticated glow across my counter and it has touchpad controls.

The first drink I made in it was a fruit smoothie and it came out great. My main issue with past blenders is that I have had to shake or use a spoon to move some of the unmixed mixture to the bottom so that it would all combine. The Liquid Blu blender has a feature known as a Wave Action System which continuously pulls the mixture to the bottom for a perfect mix.

Check out the video I made showing it in indepth:

Lastly remember if you dont have a Sears Outlet nearby,  starting in December online shopping will be open to everyone no matter where you live. You will have your chance to “SAVE too !!!!

Be sure to visit again for my next Sears Outlet Review and upcoming giveaways!




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11 Comments on Sears Outlet Mom Review: Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu Blender *Video*

  1. Another awesome video! I love the blue light personally lol. Even if it does nothing in particular haa. The price is not bad at all!

  2. Would love for you to use the blender on the video so we can see the results. I live overseas and just bought a blender online. I hate shopping for things without being able to touch and try them. A video showing how it works for frozen fruit smoothies, margaritas and hummus would be invaluable. We could not only see the results, but hear how loud it is, see if we need to hold down the lid, mix the contents ourselves and if it likes to walk across the counter while in use. The one I bought is pretty good, but it does scare small children. Mine loves smoothies, but he now screams, runs away and hides under the bed. The older one hates the noise too, but is starting to dance and make his own noise when I use it. He’s getting the younger one in on the action as well, so blending life should be better soon.

  3. Thanks Angela :)

    @Lisa it’s so funny you asked for that video, because I actually did one last week where I made a smoothie on cam but my memory card was corrupted and needless to say I lost some great video footage.

    I will keep that in mind and do another video soon!

    Thanks for visiting :)

  4. Do they come in other colors? My kitchen is decorated in red. I know Hamiliton Beach does make several colored appliances (I have the red coffee maker) and I am in need of a new blender!

  5. Love it! I seriously want one of these. My blender is a dinosaur! Love your video too. I love the great deals you can find at Sears Outlet stores!

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