The weekend began with grand plans to attend the huge annual Fort Bragg fireworks spectacular. Needless to say we took one drive onpost and saw the scores of people with beach chairs and coolers in tow and drove right offpost and back home. See I don’t do well with crowds of people and heat. I also don’t know how to use a Porta-Potty without pissing all over myself so I should have known that pretending like I was actually going to sit outside for hours until the fireworks started wasn’t going to happen.

While we didn’t get to enjoy the grandiose display at Bragg, we had our own fun at home.

Before we got home I had this vision in my head that we would be the only losers sitting outside doing nothing, surprisingly lots of other families were outside watching the neighborhood fireworks as well.

Here is a video of some of the fireworks being shot off on my street


Here is a video of the fire that got started around the corner from me thanks to fireworks!


Before we headed home we did stop at Chili’s to eat because kids 12 and under ate FREE! Hubby and I had the $20 dinner special which included 2 dinner entrees and an appetizer. Can’t beat a dinner bill under $30 for a family of four!

We also made our way to the new Veteran’s Memorial Park that opened here in Fayetteville , which was the perfect tribute to our heroes past and present on  Independence Day. If you are ever in the Fort Bragg area be sure to check it out , it’s a great experience!

Hubby & Son standing under a monument of what hubby will always be …A Marine!

Look It's Iron Mike!



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4 Comments on The Fort Bragg Celebration We Never Made It Too!

  1. When my husband and I use to live at Fort Knox, We where only a full days drive from his parents house. We use to go buy Fire works (or Rather I would buy them because I had the out of state drivers license). We would spend at least 500.00 or so on stuff. That was also before his home town started having fireworks displays. But we always had a lot of fun.

  2. I’m sorry you missed the wonderful experience that is Independence Day at Fort Bragg. Using a PortaPotty is no different than using a toilet anywhere.
    As for spending $500 on fireworks….so glad you could afford to. Maybe you could consider a small donation to the “Wounded Warriors” fund next year.

  3. @Christine LOL have a sense of humor, the Porta Potty thing was a joke…well true to a certain extent because I don’t like them lol!

    As for Adriana I don’t think it’s necessary to tell people how to spend their money :)

    Thanks for visiting :)

  4. Man! I sure do miss Fort Bragg!!! I’m with you on the Porta Potties!! I’d rather have a baby than pee in one of those horrible things! They are smelly & so makes me feel claustrophobic! I say: Claustrophobic + smelly crap= heart attack! (lol)

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