I couldn’t hold my tongue any longer ,I had to speak on some of the downright nasty behavior I have seen all over the internet in regards to the Sears Heroes Holiday Registry.

Lot’s of commentary on this post going on at Army Wife 101 FB Fan Page.



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of SoFluential.com a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

34 Comments on Ungrateful Military Spouses & Sears Heroes Holiday Program

  1. Amen!! I completly agree with you on this. Some Military wives expect too much from others because their husband serves. We are lucky we get all the discounts and things that we do get. Be greatful for what people do do for us and go on about your life. To go on blaming a company saying that your kids will not have a good Christmas because they didnt get accepted is awful. Then maybe you shouldnt have had all the kids if you cant afford for them. This kind of thing just aggervates me and makes my blood boil!!

  2. Girl! I could not agree more!! Sadly you run into entitlement issues more often than not…and it does give us military wives a bad name! I had never heard of the whole Sears Hero Holiday thingy until this year…so, of course, like many others, I signed up. Well, I was thrilled when I got my email saying that I had “made the cut”…it was a nice pick me up.

    No one has to offer our families anything…discounts, gifts, free meals (for veterans day, memorial day, ect), or awesome things like this…WE (our families) signed up willingly to be in the military and knew what it was when the choice was made and the name signed on the line…If you met your Military Member after he/she was already Active Duty…well then, you knew what this was when you said “I Do”.

    Am I saying that we shouldn’t be proud of what we do? What our spouses do? Of course not! We should be proud!! What I will say, however, is that people need to get the entitlement outta their heads.

    Sure…you have 7 kids…on an E-4 budget (just an example), of course things are going to be tight…but you know what? There are civilian families who have 2 kids and BOTH parents are unemployed due to the economy and are living in shelters, with friends, or with parents and have no idea where their next full meal is going to come from, much less keeping the idea of Santa alive to those kids…What about them?!

    We are very blessed to be given such opportunities such as this to make the stresses of the holidays much easier…It irks me to no end when people think just because of what our spouses do that they are better than people. You knew what this was…suck it up and move on…

  3. You hit the nail on the head there.. I have seen it alot.. I am greatful that i got in.. I tryed for a couple of my freinds and the site was done by then.. But they never even cared.. witch was great..

  4. I am so happy you posted this. Let me say, I’ve been hollering this since seeing the Heroes at Home website. I cant believe how ungrateful some of these spouses are. You should just be happy to even be able to participate in this program. They dont have to do it. I have never in my life seen a more greedy, “entitled” , and down right rude group until I became an “Army Wife”….

  5. wow that is pure craziness……i tried to get in and had problems and did not make it oh well on to plan B Sears has LAYAWAY lol and Kmart too if u are lucky enuff to still have one near you…..THANK YOU LORD I do…….but again that is pure craziness…..PS I so agree with ^April…….I could watch you all day long

  6. i agree with you 100%! it’s so frustrating when people feel entitled to something charitable. that’s why its a gift. hopefully negative people like that don’t ruin it for others that would actually be grateful for it.

  7. Krystal absolutely hit the nail on the head. Some people can be so ungrateful when it comes to these things. My family was accepted into the Sears Heroes program but I will tell you if we receive nothing so be it, it was definitely an honor just be considered by such a program. I have never felt anyone owed me anything and I am not about to start having that mentality simply because I am an Army wife. As for the woman with multiple children leaving negative feedback on a charity site that is so disrespectful. If someone has five children they should have thought about how they could afford that many children way before this time. I have said my piece thank you so much for your wonderful vlog makes me feel grateful for what I have.

  8. Thank u gurl I just want toreach into my computer & wring chicks neck that act like this! I appreciate anyone who gives & I’m not gonna bite the hand, kwim? What is gonna end up happening is Sears & other places are gonna say ” military just don’t appreciate & they are too much d-r-a-m-a” & not give anymore, then what? Stupid girls make me sick conduct yourself as a ladies dang it! If you get congrats if not try other resources or start saving way ahead of time. They don’t have to do this don’t you get it…?

  9. I hear you sista! I feel the same way and I get so sick of other army wives complain about EVERYTHING! I mean really its not that serious and its usually (I may step on a few toes but oh well) the ones who have the means and whose husbands are higher in rank and really dont need help. They are just greedy and like you said, feel they are entitled to discounts, promotions, ect. because their husbands serve our country.

  10. lol I had to crack up I have 7 kids on an E3 my thoughts are I have 11 months to save up for Christmas presents…and I am sorry Christmas has gotten to materialistic we toned down our Christmases between what our kids get from grandparents and great grandmas we honestly usually don’t have to do much..I like to replace socks and underwear plus we cover Santa gifts…anyone who feels they are entitled to more because of their job, pay, family size needs to better their situation not be greedy for handouts
    budget better, save all year and slim down Christmas your kids don’t need every damn new thing created..this coming from a mom of 7 bio kids…

  11. I totally agree with you. I am a new ARMY wife and was a NAVY wife before this. My hubby cant get enough! lol. But under no circumstances do I EVER think that I or my children are entitled to ANYTHING just because my husband chooses to serve. Yes we do get certain benefits that I am very thankful for such as the Sears Heros at Home program. This is the 1st year I have heard of it (thanks to Armywife 101!) And heck yes I signed up for it and was accepted! But even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have been upset! For god’s sakes whats wrong with these people! The amount of greed in some people! Just goes to show y people have the opinions they do about is military wives…… and its just sad

  12. I totally agree! The things people write are awful. Watch your money, don’t overspend, don’t buy things that you think you are “entitled” to, and live within your means. Then you can do what you want to do without getting something. Drives me craaazzzzyyyy!

  13. Thank you for speaking up!!! I’m in complete agreement with you. I wasn’t aware of the program until you shared it on Facebook, and I actually didn’t sign up. I don’t have kids and even though things are tight (aren’t they for all of us) I figured that I’d rather let a family with kids take advantage of the program instead of me.

    I suspect that either one of two things will now happen. Because that woman was so outspoken and attention getting, Sears will go ahead and include her EVEN THOUGH she didn’t do something right, just to shut her up. She’ll continue to feel ENTITLED and will continue to behave badly, giving all of us a bad name. Or, they will gank the program to avoid the negative publicity all together. Either way, her little temper tantrum has done absolutely NOTHING to inspire the general public to do something positive for military families.

    I agree with your stance on not getting heated or political, but I also sincerely admire you for speaking up about this. This is one of those subjects that just shouldn’t go untouched.

    Thanks so much for doing what you do… it’s lovely to see all your updates and get information that I wouldn’t ever get elsewhere.

  14. AMEN – thank you for speaking up not just for yourself but for others of us to!!!! It truly makes me sick that people think that just because our spouse is in the Army that we are suppose to be given everything. I am like you – I will take every discount I can get but I am not going to complain when we are not given something because in general places do not have to offer us any discount it is their way of thanking our spouse. It is not a given right when signing up and they do not owe us anything!!!

  15. Wow, I can’t believe anyone would act that way to a company that is just trying to help! It is awesome that Sears would even do this program at all!

    I agree with you 100%

  16. THANK YOU! I had never heard of the program until this year, and was looking into it, but decided not to try to sign up for it. I don’t need the program’s help, and if I were to take it, that would mean someone else that DID need it wouldn’t get help. I can’t believe how some people feel that they are ENTITLED just because they are a military spouse. We are entitled NOTHING. Stores that do a discount, they don’t have to! Sears didn’t have to do this! People that donate didn’t have to!

  17. I could not agree with you more. I know some ppl that got mad that they didnt get there app in or didnt get accepted. There is no reason for ppl to act like that

  18. Omg! You could not have said it better,and to me the ones who throw a fit about oh we should get this and that seems to me they are in it for discounts and privelages and make the rest of us appreciative grateful spouses look bad. These people do not have to do it and they don’t have to have a program like this, its always a bad apple that spoil the bunch and because of the lack of class some of these women show they might decide to do away with it, if they see ppl are not being appreciative of what they are doing. Smh im truely disappoint but everything you said is right and true and the people who may feel upset by your post are probably the ones guilty. Thank Krystel I signed us up and we were except We have 4 kids but believe me they still would of had a descent christmas but this will allow to give them a better christmas than last year <3

  19. You are so right! I think some people take everything they get for granted and this woman and woman like her shouldn’t be like this. You don’t know if you are gonna be accepted so you should prepare for your kids Christmas’s ahead of time anyway!
    I tried signing up for the Sears Heros Holiday Program but after I put all the information in probably 10 times each time it timed out..I’m not mad. This is my first year doing all this. I don’t have kids but I’m not mad and betting all my money that I get this.
    People should open their eyes and realize that they can’t depend on other companies or offers every year for their family. They are helping YOU out don’t get mad at them for what they are trying to help you out with.

  20. Great video Krystel! I so agree…. I am grateful for ANYTHING, discounts, cashback, etc. Shoot last year i had no idea that this base selected families for toys, a tree and food. My husband was deployed and they called to tell me we were selected. I wanted to cry i was happy. It could not have come at a better time. However i didnt need all the food and the tree so i shared it with another family who had more children. I am praising god that i at least have my family and my husband is safe with us. Being accepted for the Sears Program was another blessing,NOT a necessity at all. And i wouldnt have had 2 thoughts of the program afterwards honestly. I dont have enough time in my day to worry about it.
    I loves you Krystel!! :D lol

  21. I agree 100% with you! I am happy I was accepted this year, but if I wouldnt have I would of been fine with that also. The last 2 years I have not registered for it due to me having enough money allready for the kids Christmas. This year we had problems with a tentant in our house who wasnt paying rent. I am very thankful for Sears and the donars who donated.
    I hope you all have a great day and an even greater Christmas!

  22. I have one thing to Say She Needs to get a job……. before I ever became a military spouse I worked 3 Jobs as a single parent…. to insure my 3 children did not go with out. she needs to get up off her behind & stop seeking a handout …. God Bless the Child that has there own!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kudos to you….and way to blog about how “a few handfuls” forget that businesses such as Sears do not have to grant us money to buy Christmas gifts. There are different alternatives. And we should still be thankful no matter the outcome whether you got in or not.

  24. I agree with you I am in the military plus a single mother of three. I tried to apply but was too late. My children will have a good Christmas anyway Sears would have made it better but theres always next year..

  25. Well put! If only everyone shared your views…I myself have 4 children and they would still NOT do without at Christmas. Sure times would be a bit tougher, but we would make it happen! Wives are not entitled to any of that stuff, it is by the grace of Sears and all the ones who donate that we have this, and yes this year may be even less even if do register. This is because a lot of people are having tough times with money, not just us military wives! Be grateful! God Bless!

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