Valentine’s Day is coming and the hubby isn’t here. It sucks but you are marching on and trying to keep the fire alive. You want to send him something different in addition to the typical care package you send him monthly. Believe it or not our soldiers are tough but they want to feel the love to so don’t be afraid to go a little cheesy. Click the images to purchase these gifts directly from Amazon.

Here are 10 fun gifts to send your “boo” while he is in the sandbox.

1. Connecting Pillow Cases

One of the best kinds of gifts are the ones that connect you or that you each have a piece of . These fun pillowcases will allow you guys to sleep together in spirit every night.


2. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pillow

What’s better then a boyfriend pillow? A girlfriend pillow. Your boo or boo-ette misses you and these fun pillows are a way to make them feel like they are lying in your arms. Spray a little of your perfume or cologne to make it extra special.

3. Love Playlist With Letters

Create an iTunes list full of your favorite love songs. Music is the soundtrack to life and nothing beats hearing a song that describes a special moment or where you guys were at a certain place or time. Choose songs that you can remember specific events and write a letter detailing that memory for each song. Be sure to tell him/her not to listen to the playlist until they get the letters in the mail. Oh and yes snail mail!

4.  Customized Body Pillow

If you want something a little more personalized then the boyfriend or girlfriend pillow then offers a 20% military discount on customized body pillows.


5. Ladies Double Dog Tags


For those with wives Things Remembered offers a great selection of military personalized gifts. A lot of times it seems like military themed gifts are more geared towards males but TR sell these non cheesy Ladies Double Dog Tags with Free Filigree Keepsake Box. They are great for females because they are less bulky and look more feminine. They have 2 engraving areas for you to personalize. Things Remembered also ships to APO/FPO. You can purchase these for under $30.

6. Personalized Love Coupons

The best part about deployment is planning what you are going to do when they come home. Create your own personalized love or rewards coupons and send them to your honey via snail mail. This will be fun to open. These are available for under $10 on Amazon. If you don’t want to purchase them you can print out these printables and make your own personalized coupon book.

7.Cupcakes In A Jar

For years it’s been the trend to send “cake in a jar” but now cupcakes in a jar seem to be all the rage and even “pie in a jar”. The best part is you can put your apron away because places like Wicked Good Cupcakes and Etsy stores sell them. If you want to save some bucks there is nothing wrong with Cakes in A Jar and SpouseBuzz shares a great way to make them here.

8.  DIY Boudoir Shoot

Who says you have to have someone do these kinds of pictures for you. Have fun, set some props up in your home, and take some sexy pictures to send him. There are all kinds of supposed rules about sending racy photos to military personnel while they’re away, however all I will say on that is keep it sexy but classy because you just never know. Here is a fun tutorial on DIY Boudior Photos Using Your iPhone . I am sure these tips can be applied to any phone.

9. Get Chipp’d


I always say the key to a successful deployment is staying connected. Weather it’s through smell, pictures, sound or voice. Chipp’d recently shared about their new products (cards, jewelry, etc.) that you can add digital content to. For instance, let’s say a military wife sends her husband one of their bracelets.  She then can (very easily) populate a page on their site with content (i.e.: video, audio and photos of the kids) so when he receives it, he scans the code on the bracelet and can view the content on his phone. Their video cards start at $5.99 and the bracelets are under $60. The bracelets come with the digital locket that unlocks a customizable page with photos, audio and much more.


10. Photo Blanket



Evidently I seem to have a thing with sleep so my last gift suggestion are photo blankets. Imagine your honey snuggling up with the whole family every night. These are all over on the internet but Walmart has them reasonably priced starting as low as $36 depending on the size. If you want the blanket to be military themed they have that option here.

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