If you’ve had the chance to be stationed in Hawaii as a service member or spouse then you either loved it, hated it or a little bit of both. Either way there is nothing like being able to say you lived in Hawaii.

With the popularity of “40 Signs You Were Stationed in Germany“, we just had to share these 44 signs that you were stationed in Hawaii.

  1. You now like macaroni salad.
  2. You compare every beach to those in Hawaii and may be bit of a “beach snob”.
  3. You’ve roasted a whole pig.
  4. You kept your Hawaii license plate.
  5. You still give the shaka in pictures.
  6. You still refer to the continental US as the mainland.
  7. You’ve been on a constant quest to find or make Garlic Shrimp like the ones sold on the North Shore.
  8. You are still wondering when they are going to implement “Aloha Fridays” in your unit.
  9. Some of your clothing still has remnants of red dirt.
  10. You make people take their shoes off before coming in your home (leave them outside).
  11. You’ve attempted to make your own beef bulgogi and have grown quite fond of kimchee.
  12. You’ve become an expert at saying Hawaiian names.
  13. You crave shaved ice.
  14. When someone starts talking about Hawaii, you automatically start talking about the unknown parts of the North Shore or the Leeward side of the island to prove you lived there.
  15. You love telling people Jurassic Park was filmed there.
  16. At least one decoration in your home says “Mele Kalikimaka” during the holidays.
  17. You play the song “Mele Kalikimaka” in your holiday Christmas music playlist.
  18. You don’t miss $9 milk outside of base.
  19. It annoys you that you can’t get sushi everywhere.
  20. You miss L&L BBQ.
  21. You had no winter clothes when you came back to the mainland.
  22. You still try to wear flip flops and shorts all the time.
  23. You’ve become real laid back.
  24. You try to make your own Loco Moco.
  25. You miss ordering Asian inspired touches to your McDonald’s order.
  26. You miss the smell of the ocean of cruising up the H-1.
  27. You eating quality fresh fish at any time. Mahi Mahi and tuna anyone?
  28. Aloha became a part of you.
  29. You really like spam.
  30. You know the Hawaiian Alphabet.
  31. You still occasionally wear a flower in your hair.
  32. You have fake lei’s laying around.
  33. You still say mahalo.
  34. The movie “2012” made you question living in Hawaii.
  35. You tell anyone who asks where they should visit on O’ahu that Waikiki is too touristy.
  36. You miss fresh pineapple.
  37. You still wonder why kids have weekly half days.
  38. You miss island hopping on the cheap.
  39. Pineapple on the mainland is not the same.
  40. You miss not having to go anywhere else to see truly blue water.
  41. You tried to visit the set of “Lost”.
  42. You really like pulled pork.
  43. You miss Dole Whip from the Dole Plantation.
  44. You miss year round nice weather.
  45. You can surf.
  46.  You still want to put a lei around people when celebrating an event.

Share your signs of being stationed in Hawaii below in the comments.




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