For the most part military life is cool. You get to travel and meet new people from all over. Unfortunately, like in any aspect of life you sometimes meet people who just stay in the drama or are flat out crazy. People will tell you to simply “avoid those people”. In everyday life that may be easy, but when you are stationed at a base in a remote area or confined to a base sometimes you just need a friend. Unbeknownst to many the stress of deployments, moving frequently, or having too much time on their hands seems to affect some people. I have found those are the people on the military bases who cause the most commotion and drama.

Here’s 6 ways to avoid military drama filled friendships:

Stake Out


Use FB to do your spy work and check out this potential friend’s news feed. Are they constantly posting “woe is me” type posts? Has someone always done something to them? Do they constantly posts negative FB posts? If so avoid like the plague.

FB Groups


You’ve watched them on their own personal FB page, but how do they interact with others in groups? Are they a “Negative Nelly”? Do they constantly get in heated online disputes?

Talking About Mutual Friends


We all indulge in a bit of gossip, but if they flat out talk about other mutual friends to you…they will talk about you to others.



In our experience we have found spouses who constantly ask about personal matters like your spouse’s promotion details or get involved in their spouse’s work matters tend to be drama filled.



It’s one thing to have an opinion and it’s another to be overly critical. I don’t want a friend who won’t be honest with me, but I don’t want a friend who seems to pick on every aspect of how I choose to do things.

Dependa Pages


I’m a realist and understand that some people join the dependa groups just to be nosey. I get it! However, if you notice that they are in several FB Milspouse Bashing groups and joining on the negative convo, that’s your signal that they indulge in the nonsense and it’s time to back away.





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