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Here comes money! It’s that time of year that most military families look forward to — tax season. For those of us expecting a large refund, the planning process of what to do with that money has already begun. It may be utilized for a large purchase, a dream vacation, paying down (or off) debt, or we may stash it away into savings.

How about this for an idea? Have you considered creating a financial portfolio and growing your money? If you aren’t at all familiar with investments, you aren’t alone. This article will provide basic introductory information to consider taking your family’s finances and future to the next level.

Invest In Your Future

What if this year, you took even just a portion of your tax refund and created a diversified financial portfolio that may result in long-term growth? Future you will thank current you for your forethought.

If the idea of having more than just a checking or savings account feels a bit overwhelming, take a deep breath and continue to read on. After all, this is a new year, and you’re ready for growth in many areas of your life.

So for someone like you, just getting started, these are excellent first steps:

  • Locate a reputable financial group. If the terminology of stocks, bonds, ETFs or dividends sounds like Greek to you, no worries. Trusted professionals will help you get started.
  • Start small and familiar. Start with stock and security investments you can afford ($5 or $25), and go with brands you recognize and love.
  • Enjoy accessibility while on the go. Gone are the days of meeting with financial planners in person or making phone calls. Manage your money, see performance charts and make trades from any device.
  • Learn as you go. Get a financial group with advisors and articles with tips and advice to grow your knowledge and confidence, while you grow your funds.
  • Use a tool to build your portfolio for you. Create an online stock trading account where you can choose from among 100 stocks across 10 business sectors, allowing you to research, buy and sell stocks and ETFs. A great place to start? EasyStart Investor from Navy Federal Financial Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navy Federal Credit Union

Work Smarter Not Harder

The EasyStart Investor tool from Navy Federal Credit Union offers you all the above benefits and more. For both Credit Union members and nonmembers, this online stock trading tool is designed to make investment easy and accessible.

Purchase individual shares you’re familiar with from major companies, or enjoy the convenience of a pre-diversified sample portfolio. EasyStart can help you, the new investor who is unfamiliar with trading, a sense of portfolio management and how diversification can reduce risk. Please do keep in mind, that investing in the stock market does involve risk.

Crunching Numbers

EasyStart is unique and offers you low fees, affordable stock options, and a military discount. You can research, buy and sell stocks and ETFs for as little as $25 (or just $5 per security when you buy at least 10 different stocks or ETFs at once). You can start with recurring investments each month, as little as $25 until they reach the $500 minimum required balance.

To learn more and get started, take a look at the EasyStart Investor tool. It is simple, clear and will get you started within minutes! Congratulations on exploring new avenues of growth for you and your military family this year!

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