I know quite a few are still worried about whether or not service members will get paid on April 15th. Honestly I am pretty sure we will, but unlike some I don’t put all my faith in the government too much lately. In any event for those who aren’t news junkies like myself and want some updates on what is happening with this situation , I thought I would pass on this link to you. The answers are still not clear ,but at this point I will take updated information over NO information at all.


Also this article on “Where To Turn If A ShutDown Happens for the Military”


Have you heard anything in relation to April 15th pay? If so share in the comments portion below or on the AW101 Fan Page.



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7 Comments on An Update on April 15th Pay!

  1. Obama’s representatives in the White House stated today, that military pay would be affected during a shut down. Shutdown= no pay. :\ once a budget has been agreed on and the funds are available, military would resume receiving pay…and would receive back pay. They also stated that military would receive half pay for April 1-8th.

  2. i looked up my hubbys LES for the 15th paycheck and even though the shut down has not happened yet it is showing we are only getting half of our paycheck.

  3. Just checked my LES as well and I will be only recieving half of my pay as well! Looks like the landloard is going to have to accept half pay

  4. That’s what my husband just told me.15th half a pay check. I was suppose to join him at his duty station, he applied for housing. What they didn’t tell him and what I read in the fine print of the lease on line is that we have to pay to live there until bha kicks in. But we should have received bha 6 months ago! They messed up on his paycheck for three months we only got 157.00 a month. They still owe us money. Our lease is up in four days and I have no where to live, and I’m four and a half months pregnant with twins. I’m losing my mind, and faith in the army. Any advice.

    • My granddaughter husband is in army and his pay check has been messed up since february 2012. They continuously keep shortchanging him for some reason. They are expecting their 2nd child and they have no money. On the next pay check he is getting 460.00 which is not half what they owe him. One pay check he got 7.95. They have been to finance time and time again and they blame it on the civil service who figures they pay check and it is done in Indiana. (or so they say). They were living in duplex off base and could not pay rent so they had to move on base, which was fine with them, but they dont have a clue how they will pay their car payment or insurance, buy groceries. She was carried to er on base this week and she is suffering from severe stress and depression do to this screw up by army. Their hands are tied and they do not know where to turn. I have appointment with an Attorney next week to see what recourse they have. Military is just not what it use to be. My grandson in law has served 2 hitches in Iraq to help keep us safe and the army finance department cant even get his paychecks corrected. Something wrong with this. Is there any one at all with any suggestions on what can be done. She is at the brink of a breakdown and we are ready to do what ever is necessary. Please someone help with this problem. There has to be someone out there that can help. My email is shirley022241@yahoo.com. HELP

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