I loveeeee Blue Star Families they are an amazing organization and do great things for our military which is why I have loved the few times I have worked with them in the past. Recently I found out about a new venture launched with the hope of connecting military kids with other kids just like themselves who share this same lifestyle.

Image Credit: Bluestarfamilies.org

From The Blue Star Families Website:

” MilKidz Club connects military kids – regardless of rank, branch of service or military installation – and provides them the resources, mentoring and opportunity to become the next wave of leaders in their communities.

With their parent’s approval, military kids can join MilKidz Club online or at a MilKidz event, and then connect with other members at their local installations.

MilKidz Club has three main components:

  • Service & volunteer opportunities
  • Community & civic engagement activities
  • Patriotic & social events

This sounds like a well rounded and organized way to get your military child involved in their community , give back and make what sometimes can be a challenging lifestyle on a kid alittle easier.

For more information about the MilKidz Club and how to be apart of it visit: http://www.bluestarfam.org/blog/view/milkidz-club-launches



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