If you ever been through a deployment then you know the hardship and emotional challenges it can impose on the families of those serving our country. When Army Wives (which premieres tonight at 9PM) first arrived on the scene 4 years ago I was so excited to see a show for military spouses albeit some of the fictional aspects, the show still resonated with many of us and our daily life struggles as a military spouse.

Tonight Lifetime is premiering it’s new series for military and non military alike entitled “Coming Home”. This new show will feature surprise reunions of service members and families reuniting after serving tours of duty overseas. This season features 13 episodes each being an hour long.

I know personally one of my favorite things to do towards the end of a deployment was to watch homecoming videos in preps for the ending of a deployment. While some may find it sad and unbearable , it gave me hope and I think that Coming Home will give those who endure this life hope and strength for the happy ending to one of the most challenging times in a military family’s life.

For those who aren’t military you don’t need to be, to join in and share the happiness and joy in the homecomings of those serving our country.

So grab your box of Kleenex and snuggle up on the couch for a good happy cry, because it’s going to be a great night!

Coming Home premieres tonight at 10PM EST right after the Season 5 Premiere of Army Wives at it’s new 9PM EST time slot.



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1 Comment on Coming Home …The New Lifetime Series Premieres Tonight…Whose Watching?

  1. I’m a little late on posting a comment on your blog, but i watched it. It was wonderful. I watched Army Wives too. I’ve been watching army wives since it started. Anyway, I boo hoo-ed the entire time Coming Home was on.

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