Wreaths are no longer just a Christmas thing. People are hanging them up at all times of the year, and in many different colors.

Starting today Army Wife 101 will be sharing crafts from our very own military spouses. Some of them will be originals and some will be Pinspired, but all will be amazing and we will share easy tips and tricks to create them right here.

Here’s today’s submission for the Under $9 (assuming you have scissors, glue gun and wire cutters already) Decorative Floral Wreath:



What you’ll need:

3 flower bundles from a dollar store ($3)
1 large craft wreath (approximately $5*)
wire cutters
hot glue gun

How to:

1. You’ll want to begin by taking your wire cutters and cutting your flowers off the bundle. Leave about 2 inches of the stem.

2. Take your leaves off the remaining stems and place them around the base of your roses.

3. Next begin arranging the flowers where you would like them placed. Reframe from gluing them down until your arrangement is complete.

4. Once your satisfied with your placement you can begin gluing down your flowers.

And ta-da! You have a lovely low cost decorative wreath!

By the way my wreath cost $3.88 at Walmart, but prices do vary depending on where you purchase, I definitely suggest checking your local Walmart craft section.

Bio: Laura P. is the creator of “My Lil Kitchen”. Like her on Facebook.

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