Q. I am preparing for my new life as an army wife. My husband is still at the beginning stages of processing, he is going for testing and exams next week I think. So I’m trying to prepare for his absence financially, when he is away at basic training and AIT.

I have a question in regards to BAH for the spouse and dependents, when will it be available for me to use to pay rent while hes away? When do they allow the family to come?

A.  Congratulations on you new life as part of the military spouse community!

BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing)  is and will be included in your soldiers pay during BCT and AIT ( Military personnel receive BAH in general but we are just going to speak on BAH during BCT and AIT).

Because you will be living off post during this time it will be split in your check on the 1st and 15th of every month. Expect to be paid 4-6 weeks after your spouse begins BCT.

Housing allowance is based on rank and your current zip code. You can view use this BAH Calculator to learn how much BAH you will receive for the area you live in.

If AIT is 20 weeks or more there is a chance a family can go and live with the soldier. This usually is up to the discretion of the command. Many spouses suggest just waiting it out because normally your soldier will not be on a regular work schedule and chances are might not even be home with you as you may assume.

In addition in my personal opinion it doesn’t make alot of sense to up root your family for a few months only to have to move again once he is assigned to his next duty station.

Of course the choice is yours but these are some of the things to think about when making that decision.



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  1. Thank you, Thank you! your answer was so much help for preparing for whats to come. You cleared everything up.thanks again! P.S. I love your website its soooo… helpful.

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