I thought it was important to keep you in the loop about the newer raised fees for prescriptions at Tricare Network Pharmacies:

In Their Words:

Starting Oct. 1, co-pays for generic prescriptions filled at Tricare network pharmacies will increase to $5 from $3. Co-pays for brand-name drugs will rise to $12 from $9, and medications not listed on Tricare’s official formulary will cost $25, up from $22.

To learn more in detail visit the article at the Army Times website.




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3 Comments on FYI: Co-Pays for Prescriptions Raised At Tricare Network Pharmacies Plus More…

  1. You pay less for generics by going to walmart and NOT using your insurance! Their’s are only $4 each… unless they’ve changed in the recent past?

  2. Yes i recently got the letter stating that January 1st Walgreens will no longer be in the tricare network. This really upset me because i’ve always gone to walgreens. Reason 1, my husband pre-army worked in one of their distribution centers. Reason 2 and the main reason…A Walgreens pharmacist saved my life. I had an allergic reaction to a medication went back to the same dr. that prescribed it and he wrote me a new medication. I went to get it filled and the pharmacist actually asked me why I was getting this prescription now (something no other pharmacy has ever done) and i told him about my previous reaction. He then made a few calls and notified me that the new prescription would’ve killed me. I was only 18 at the time (26 now) It turns out it was a stronger version of the drug I had a reaction too. I could’ve sued the dr. if i wanted to but I just felt extremely grateful to the pharmacist that saved my life. Walgreens pharmacists are trained to ask questions like this. Walmart ones…not so much which is where Tricare is telling me to go now. Sorry about my rant but I thought everyone should know this.

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