Did you know that once a year housing allowance rates are reviewed to see see if they still match up to the cost of living in a particular area?

BAH rates either increase or decrease.

BAH rates for this year have been released and can be found here at : BAH Calculator

Feel free to share if the BAH in your area has went up or down.



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22 Comments on New Military 2011 BAH Rates Released

  1. Ft Bliss, O-1. Didn’t change for us at all, and our rent is already over what we get for BAH. But he ranks up in the summer, so we’ll get more then.

    A few people here are getting $4 more, $5 more, or $12 more.

  2. We’re at Bragg and will lose $150 a month. The drop seems strange since we’re supposed to get 20k new folks due to BRAC. Oh well, Merry Christmas indeed…

  3. Ours went down $66. however i read that because we are already living there, not pcsing and we are married that we are covered by bah protection so it SHOULDNT be changing for us.

  4. We have been at Hood for a while…the last BAH rates, we weren’t affected. Our BAH is going up by $2 again this year. Lol.

  5. ours went down from 1077 to 1011. which kind of sucks because even with our very cheap mortgage, electricity and water add up off post and well, most of us know the houses on post are NOT worth what they charge. Oh well. no complaints here. We definitely have enough to get by.

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