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PCS season is here! I know when is it ever not here? However, it’s that time of year when military families move the most. Some of you will move right here within the states, and many of you will be lucky enough to get stationed in places like Germany, Japan, or even Italy.

Being stationed OCONUS is an amazing experience and there will be a ton of things you want to take advantage of.

Germany will mean experiencing a real Oktoberfest, Japan means real sushi, and Italy means amazing foods and historical sites. However, imagine how much better your overseas living experience could be if you could possibly speak some of the language—if not all!

If nothing else military life means great experiences, but it also means a lot of time to yourself while your significant other goes on TDY’s or deployments. I’ve always said the best way to get through those long days and months is to take up some kind of hobby.

Wouldn’t an amazing hobby be learning to speak another language?

Rosetta Stone And The Military

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, Rosetta Stone is proud to offer a 10% discount on subscription services and downloadable audio lessons to active and retired US military members.

With Rosetta Stone you can learn over 15+ languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and so many more. And, while everything takes a little work Rosetta Stone’s language lessons are known to be easy to understand and pick up right away.

“Our language learning program provides a proven immersion method of instruction, and introduces language skills in a way that stimulates your brain’s natural language learning ability.”

How Does It Work?

Simply access their programming through your computer where you will be able to learn real lessons that don’t just teach you words but immerse you in the language of choice. This is done through Rosetta’s “TruAccent™ patented speech-recognition engine, along with offering access to native tutors to help build conversational confidence.”

Their speech engine allows you say the phrase and can tell you if your pronunciation needs improvement  or not. It also helps to correct you.

This program is great for military spouses, military kids and even active duty military on the go because it offers an app that you can access your lessons on the go from.

Learn more and  get your military discount here.



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