You’re on social media or a dating site, and a handsome man or beautiful woman in uniform starts to message you. Unfortunately, this individual may not be a service member, and instead is an imposter, looking to scam you out of money.

In the best case scenario, you immediately realize the red flags, end the conversation, and report the account. In the worst case scenario, you get connected to this stranger, want to help with whatever situation they are in, and you wire money that you will never see again. The financial loss doesn’t even take into account the emotional impact that also results.

Here’s another scenario.

You are a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and through a variety of means, you learn that someone has stolen your photos, your name, has created a fake account (or two), and is using YOUR identity to scam people!

This is exactly what happened to U.S. Army SSG Henry Gundacker. Like most of us, he is on social media, and has quite a following because of his work in broadcasting with the Armed Forces Network (AFN).

One of Henry’s friends investigated, and knowingly messaged the scammer to learn more about his game. Apparently the “Henry lookalike” was deployed and just lost his wife to cancer. It was clear that the scammer was playing on both sympathy and empathy. First comes the sob story, then comes the money grab.  

Henry has reported the account (and others before it, as this unfortunately isn’t an isolated incident), and he is now more protective of his online information as a result.

SSG Henry Gundacker had his identity stolen by a scammer, who tried to lure people in to contribute money. Learn how to avoid these scammers.

Learn About the Scam

In the interview, Henry and Army Wife 101’s Jackie Toops discuss the scam that affects both service members and civilians alike. Military members are getting their identities stolen, and civilians —  who don’t readily know facts about the military lifestyle (especially with regards to pay, supplies, leave, etc.) — are more than willing to send gift cards or wire money to service members in need. Sadly these “service members” are imposters.

Stop Military Scammers

To help prevent military imposters from scamming others, (particularly women), the Army Wife 101 team has created an all-in-one guide to protect your heart and finances.

We have heard from women for years, who are concerned that the “military man” they are talking to isn’t legitimate and is just out to steal her heart and her money. We created the Savvy Girl’s Guide to Outsmarting Fake Military Scammers. In it we share:

  • True stories of other women conned out of money
  • Surefire tips to know if your potential online soulmate is really who they say they are
  • Proven methods to help safeguard your heart and your finances
  • How to report scammers
  • A safer way to find and date “REAL” military personnel

If you feel that you or someone you care about has been subjected to this scam, this is the book for you. Get your e-guide here:

Watch the Interview

If you missed the live interview with SSG Henry Gundacker, tune in now:




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