Every year my husband buys me Shari’s Berries for Valentine’s Day , my Birthday and our Anniversary. They are so good that put it like this…I am not a berry eater. When I see people eating raspberries , cranberries and blueberries I am like ewww. Let’s not even mention how I used to not like strawberries. That all changed when on Valentine’s Day about 2 years ago my husband had an order delivered to me. I know your probably like “well doesn’t he know you don’t like strawberries”? He is the type of person that will buy me something because it is pretty and thinks that will attract me to it , even if I told him I am not a fan. The picture below is what started my addiction!


However this particular time is the one time I am glad he did not listen to me. When I tell you that Shari’s freaking strawberries are the best sweet I ever had …OMG! I kid you not I ate a dozen in a day! I know pure greedy but they were so good. They are super plump and juicy. We are not talking those half arse miniature strawberries you have to pick over in produce to get some one good one, we are talking sweet fruity juicy bursts of heaven in your mouth. Lest not forget to mention the amazing chocolate the strawberries are dipped in and then covered in everything from almonds to sprinkles to white chocolate or regular chocolate chips. I promise you there is alittle drool puddle forming in the corner of my mouth as I type this.

Anyway my point of sharing all of this is to let you soldiers know or spouses who want to send a gift that Shari Berries is offering 25% off any purchase of $39.00 or more to military . Additionally Proflowers is also offering 20% off order $19.99 or more to military also.

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