There is nothing like a good love story. We asked AW101 readers how they met their spouse and received some fun responses! From those who crossed paths in elementary, middle or high school, to those who met online, or to those simply in the right place at the right time — here are 10 of our favorite stories.

  1. JenniferIn South Africa. Before he was a USA soldier, he was an African safari guide and anti-poaching ranger. I was on a two-week missionary trip and planned a three-day safari before my return to the USA (because when I planned my trip, I thought I’d never return to Africa). I ended up moving to South Africa to do missions permanently. We dated, eventually married and had kids. I lived there for 9 years before we moved to the USA and he enlisted.
  2. Sabby — I answered a letter in a UK magazine from two soldiers in Bosnia asking for pen pals! My husband didn’t actually put this letter in the magazine, he just happened to pick up my letter in an out of the way post! We’ve been married 17 years!
  3. Michelle — We met at Church as teenagers long before he was a soldier. He was my first love. We went our separate ways as most first loves do. 20 + years (4 years in the navy for him, college, marriages/divorces) later, we ran into each other at a concert. He joined the National Guard a year before we met again.
  4. Molly — We technically met on Tinder, but the only reason was because we were sitting in the same McDonald’s parking lot! He was in my college town for a hike, and was bored, so he went on Tinder. We instantly started chatting and the next day, we met. We spent the whole weekend together and now we’re here, married.
  5. SylviaIn Germany in his favorite bar. When he came back from deployment, I was working there. Tried to avoid him since I never wanted to marry an American….that didn’t work out so well!  (And so glad that it didn’t work out!)
  6. Tonja — Not there any longer but Pedro’s Teen Club back in 1989…South of the Border…just over the NC border…true story!
  7. Shawnee — We met online and originally he invited me to go to his barracks and visit in the next town over. I thought he might have been a serial killer or something, so I invited him over for dinner and a movie first. We have been head over heels for each other since then.
  8. SunnyFirst time I saw him was at Disney World. He instantly caught my eye, I remember white and red K-Swiss shoes and his exact outfit. I never talked to him, expecting to never see him again. Months pass and a guy messages me online. We talk for quite a while, go on a date. The second date we go to his place to play rock band. As I walk in I notice white and red K-Swiss shoes! It was the same guy I saw five states away! It was love at first sight for me. We’re still together nine years later and now happily married.
  9. Tanya The bus stop in elementary school. He didn’t let me get on the bus first. He thought he should go first because he was older and I thought I should go first because I was a girl.
  10. Maggie — Iraq! Man of my dreams walked outside the wire to look around! He walked up and I say “Hi my name is [Maggie]!” He says” Yeah I see that on your name tag!” He dated my roommate and when he ditched her he saw me! 13 years later and we are still in love. Life’s not always easy but I wouldn’t want to be with any other person, ever. He makes me laugh 20 percent of the time. What more could I ask for?

We thank our readers for sharing their fun, romantic and unexpected stories with us. We wish you all long and happy marriages.



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