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Name: Kaui E. from

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Fort Lewis, WA

Pros and Cons of Housing Onpost:

Quality of living is quite nice.
Housing areas are quiet.

Most people keep to themselves and aren’t so friendly.
Traffic is horrible.
The base is MASSIVE so getting anywhere can take a lot of time, especially if there’s traffic.

If you lived in offpost housing tell us about the best areas to rent and where the best place is to be in relation to post?

Most people say that living in Lacey or Dupont is the best way to go because the quality of living is much higher. However, I prefer to be in Lakewood or Tacoma because it’s closer to the base (which means less gas), it’s closer to a higher variety of activities, and it’s cheaper to buy or rent a house.

If you choose to rent in Tacoma or Lakewood then be VERY careful! There are many rough areas in these cities. Be sure to ask around for the best spots and use your judgement when looking at a place.

How is the area outside of post? Boring , dangerous, what types of things are their to do? Family activities etc?

It depends on where you go.
Dupont is beautiful and very safe, but it’s also expensive and in my opinion boring.
Lakewood is right next to the base and can be pretty dangerous in certain areas, but in other areas it’s very safe and secure.
Tacoma is on the other side of Lakewood and can be really dangerous in a lot of areas.

There are TONS of activities in the Tacoma area with countless restaurants of a huge variety of foods (japanese, chinese, tai, german, itallian…you name it), comedy clubs, art galleries, the zoo. And it’s only about 30-45 minutes from Seattle where there are even more cool things to do!

The only thing that I really hate about it here is that the sun seems to show its face only 3 weeks out of the year.

Schools On or Offpost?

Not sure because we homeschool.

Are their many activities for children onpost?

Oh yes! CYSS ALWAYS has something going on from soccer camps to simple indoor games to play. There are also tons of playgrounds with one massive one on the main side of base that also has a water park.

Anything else we should know about your post?

It’s BIG! I mean, like, HUGE! Be prepared to drive A LOT! If you don’t have your driver’s license then GET ONE!



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