There are varying opinions on the usefulness of the PX. Some people find it to be a high end department store ( too pricey for the average military family) with the occasional good clearance deal weaved in somewhere. Some find it easy to score massive deals all the time. While I agree with some of those opinions, there are some good items and reasons to shop at the PX.

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The AW101 team listed 10 below.

Exchange Salad Wednesdays

“Every Wednesday, Every Wednesday, diners can take $2 off any salad priced $4 or more at participating Exchange direct-operated restaurants. “Salad Wednesday” is part of the Exchange’s BE FIT initiative, designed to promote healthy lifestyles for Soldiers, Airmen, retirees and military families.”

No Tax

Need I say more? Every little bit counts and no tax counts when buying high price ticket items such as electronics. No tax may not help on every item but if you find the deals it comes in handy.


They make it easy to search for rebates on the AAFES site.


Rather then blow up those credit cards Layaway is awesome and the PX offers a variety of layaway plans.

Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secret

Most PX’s have concept stores for B&B and VS. While somedays the prices are the same, I have encountered many clearance (not found in store) deals on lotions and body sprays. And of course there is no tax!

Price Matching

Angela from MommyPR says that she recently found a exercise bike on Amazon for much cheaper then the Exchange website online. She called the customer service line for the PX and they gave her the Amazon price and of course no tax ….SCORE! learn more about their price matching policy here.

Stack Coupons

You can stack exchange coupons with manufacturer coupons. They also accept Yankee candle coupons.

Money Goes Back

All those MWR programs that provide cool activities on post are in part funded by the money spent at AAFES locations.

Supports Milspouse Entrepreneurs

Are you a milspouse who makes something? Did you know you can sell it in the main front area of the exchange as long as it doesn’t compete with an item(s) that the PX sells. You can contact your local Assistant Services Business Manager at the PX to inquire. Concession stands vary in price and the spots by the front tend cost more.

Sometimes There’s A Starbucks

For those days where you don’t feel like leaving base, you can go walk around the PX and grab a Starbucks Mocha Choca Yaya Dada and window shop.

They Actually Do Have Good Deals

Even if you’re not a brand name junkie, you can score things that you may not have considered buying elsewhere because they were too expensive. For instance about a year and a half ago I scored a pair of Coach flats for $26 on clearance. Also, if you like makeup there are always some clearance bins to rummage through that have items marked way down.

Specials for Fast Food

If you love your fast food many of the eateries in the Exchange offer really good coupons or special dollar deals on kids meals. Download coupons for Exchange restaurants here.

What your favorite reasons to shop at the PX?





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  1. As a current employee of AAFES (and former in a few days). I think we should get paid more. In the store I work in the workers at the food court get paid more money than we do at the main store. I think for the amount of people that yell and complain to our faces over a discount, a coupon, or the pricing just to name a few, doesn’t seem fair for what we get paid and we don’t even get cool benefits at the store like other companies do.
    Another reason I am leaving is management but that’s a whole other story.

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