What would you do if someone handed you a secret recipe?

In 1956, a WWII veteran named Charlie “Mutt” Ferrell, Jr. developed a recipe for an all-purpose tomato-based condiment. He got the idea to make a sweet, tangy, sauce with a little heat, that could be used for every meal.

After Mutt’s passing in 2005, his secret recipe was eventually passed down to his granddaughter, Air Force Veteran Charlynda Scales. She was both shocked and humbled to learn that in his will, he specified that the recipe was left specifically to her. Although the recipe included an ingredient list, there were no instructions.

It didn’t take Charlynda long to figure out the secret to the sauce.

“I decided to start something so that I could share this with everyone,” explains Charlynda. “I used local resources to learn how to start a business. We launched in four months, and the Amish out in Ohio made my first production. They hand-poured 700 bottles.”

Her company, Mutt’s Sauce, was born.

Charlynda Scales, Air Force Veteran and CEO of Mutt’s Sauce.
Photo Credit: Erin J. Photography.

From Hero to CEO

In 2017, Charlynda’s business advanced when she won the Bob Evans Farms “Heroes to CEO” competition. She was awarded a $25,000 grant and private mentoring from Daymond John, Shark Tank investor, and CEO of FUBU.

“Daymond John called me on my cell phone,” shares Charlynda. This became the beginning of a very beneficial relationship, as it wasn’t just additional finances, but mentorship on how to propel the mission of Mutt’s Sauce.” Charlynda particularly valued Daymond’s advice to first focus on Mutt’s Sauce locally, and grow organically from there.

Her rapidly growing company, Mutt’s Sauce, is now more than five years old.

“My alter ego is a Warrior, too. Service never ends.”

A Remarkable Woman

Today, Charlynda is mission-focused on Mutt’s Sauce full-time, and is happy to report that her product will appear on shelves at Kroger grocery stores. Mutt’s Sauce is currently available in four flavors: Original, Sweet & Spicy, Gluten-Free, and Ghost Pepper and there is a Limited Edition Bourbon flavor available for pre-order. In addition to in-store availability, Mutt’s Sauce can be purchased online.

Charlynda is a graduate of Clemson University, a Ms. Veteran America runner-up, a social media influencer, and a motivational speaker, who is a firm believer in service and humility. The bravery, consistency, leadership, and persistence she acquired from her time in the military have helped Mutt’s Sauce grow to the successful company it is today.

Her motto? One team, one fight.

“It’s great to be able to serve people. It’s great to be able to support good folks who are doing great things in this country. I love supporting veterans — that’s what brings me joy,” reflects Charlynda.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.muttssauce.com

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