The emails keep a coming and like I have stated I don’t now if we will get paid. I hope we will and I am leaning towards the idea that we will but since I haven’t spoken on it , I felt it was time to share my opinion.

These two articles released in the Army Times today also sparked this video:

Disclaimer: Some  may not like my opinion and that is ok, but let’s keep it civil!


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74 Comments on No Pay…No Way 2011!

  1. I am not Military in any way, merely an American citizen. I am appalled by this proposition to not pay the people who courageously defend my rights everyday, sometimes giving up lives in the process. I have many friends who are military or their spouses, and my heart goes out all of you affected by this. We are all affected by this. I don’t just speak for myself when I say that we are actively trying to prevent this from happening. I have already contacted my Congressmen, and will continue to do so, so that my voice is heard. I applaud all of our servicemen and their spouses in this time. You do not hear it enough, but I thank you.

  2. I am disgusted at whats going on in our country.My husband is in the Army and has served for 13 years.Will the goverment be there to explain to our landlord that she cant have her rent?She has a handicapped child and needs her rent money,As much as we need a place to live.Will the politicians familys do without water,electric,gas and food,I bet not….My husband earns his pay.And its the very freedom that he and others like him that provide it to these politicians who wont get off their butts to get the job done and give us our pay.I believe I will think twice before I vote again on our next president.

  3. Thanks for this message “really like ” the savings part who can afford to save and they don’t know some soldiers pay by allotments…thanks great job !!

  4. I just talked to my daughter and her & her husband are stationed in Arizona and have 2 children they have been in the enlisted in the Air Force for 10 years, so I am absolutely furious to here about this situation! These families already sacrifice enough without having there income cut also, I pray that all this will be rsolved soon for all the military families.

  5. this is bull im trying to be with my husband right now but how in the hell am i suppost to do that if we dont have enough money to take care of our son when we get there im sick adn tired of this government!

  6. I am so angry that my husband is putting his life on the line for our freedom and now his pay will be cut. How am I to pay our bills when I’m working full time already just to be able to provide everything for our kids (4)? It hurts to know that my husband has to deal with getting shot at and bombed every week and now the government is saying thats ok but now we are going to pay you for it. This is his 4th tour and has been the second worse one for him. I’m so glad that I can say proudly that I didn’t vote for this government.

  7. Everyone thinks that everyone was paid via two deposits on the 15th of April. Not so!!! My husband after serving 22 years in the army is set to retire. He is currently still on active duty until the 1st of May. We only received one deposit and then called dfas who told us that anyone on a transition status was lucky to even get the half pay and that we are not going to receive any money until the 15th of next month. I think its horrible that someone who served for so long doesn’t get the pay. When soldiers are retiring they have added expenses , looking for employment ect. DFAS actually tried to blame the base finance office for not paying us. When we called them we were told that dfas is referring the soldiers in this status to local base finance offices because they do not want to tell soldiers they are not paying them. I am guessing its because of the military budget. The military will not get their budget money until congress takes care of this so they had to cut back somewhere and I guess the retiring soldiers don’t matter so they are the ones who are going without pay.

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